Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme and yojana

Saving money has become necessary for everyone nowadays. And it is important to get a good and safe return on the amount saved. Many banks offer good interest for it. And your money is also safe.Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme

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Your money is also safe. For this, Baroda Bank has launched a special ‘Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme’ for its customers, you will get more interest on the deposited money, know about other benefits, today we will tell you in this post Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme in Gujarati.

 Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme

Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme in Gujarati

In this deposit scheme of BOB, customer can deposit money in two periods. Ajay Khurana, executive director of Bank of Baroda, said that customers can get good profit from this scheme. Special term deposit products have been introduced for 444 days and 555 days.

BOB Bank has launched a new scheme for customers. On the second day of August 15, Bank of Baroda has launched a new scheme for its customers called ‘Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme’. In this scheme, customers will get interest on the money deposited under Special Domestic Retail Term Deposit. According to the bank, under this scheme, 6 percent interest will be earned on the money. Only there senior citizens will be given maximum interest of 0.50 percent. Also, non-capable depositors will get an interest rate of 0.15 percent.

Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme Benefits

  • According to the bank, under this scheme you will get 6 percent interest on fun money. Only there senior citizens will be given maximum interest of 0.50 percent. Also, non-capable depositors will get an interest rate of 0.15 percent.
  • Under the Baroda Tricolor Deposit Scheme, 444 days FD will earn 5.75% interest. On the other hand, a 555 day FD will earn you 6.00% interest. At the same time, senior citizens will get more compensation under this scheme. Under this scheme you get 0.50% more interest. In such situation, senior citizens are getting 6.25% interest on 444 day FD scheme and 6.50% interest on 555 day FD.

Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme has the following features:

  1. “Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme” and will be available for all branches from 16.08.2022 to 31.12.2022.
  2. The product is available for -444- days and -555- days and the accounts to be opened in the scheme code are provided in Annexure – II.
  3. Senior Citizen Preferential Rate is applicable for “Resident Indian Senior Citizen” only.
  4. ROI for staff and senior civilian staff as per current guidelines.
  5. Baroda Advantage Fixed Deposit (Domestic) Account Minimum Rs. 15.01 lakh for [Fresh & Renewal] to Rs. 2.00 crores i.e. non-callable additional 25bps over callable rates as mentioned above for deposits of 1 year and above tenure.
  6. For Baroda Triranga Deposit Scheme all other terms and conditions applicable to term deposits will be same except interest rate and duration.

Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme – Eligibility

  • A person of his own name.
  • jointly by more than one person.
  • In the name of Clubs, Associations, Educational Institutions, Partnerships and Joint Stock Companies and any other organizations, which are eligible for opening Term Deposit, Accounts as per Bank Rules.

Baroda Tricolor Deposit Scheme – Documents Required

• All documents applicable to ‘Fixed Deposit’ as per existing conditions for FDR will be applicable.

Baroda Tricolor Deposit Scheme: Interest rates and more information

For interest rates and more information please “click here“

How to Apply Online in BoB Tiranga Deposit Scheme?

All those applicants and youth who want to apply in Tricolor Deposit Scheme operated by Bank of Baroda, then you have to follow these steps which are as follows –

  • To apply for BoB Tricolor Deposit Scheme, first of all you have to visit your nearest Bank of Baroda branch.
  • After coming here you need to get BOB Tricolor Deposit Scheme – Application form.
  • After that you have to fill this application form carefully.
  • Self-attested photocopies of all required documents are to be attached with the application form.
  • And finally, you have to submit all the documents and application form and get the receipt etc. at the same bank branch.

By following all the above steps, all you youth can easily apply in this scheme and by availing this scheme, you can get its full benefits.

BOB Online Account Open by BOB World Mobile Application

To open a zero balance account with Bank of Baroda using the BOB World mobile app, follow the simple process given below:

  • First of all download BOB World app from play store or app store in your smart phone. Click here
  • After the application is installed, open it.
  • Here you have to click on ‘Open a Digital Saving Account’.
  • Now you have to select ‘B3 Silver Account’ and click on Apply after reading all its benefits
  • Further, follow the above mentioned procedure from Step 6 to Step 9.

Can BOB online account be opened in Bank Baroda?

Yes, you can open a BOB online account in Bank Baroda.

What is Baroda Tricolor Deposit Scheme?

Bank of Baroda (the Bank), one of India’s leading public sector banks, today announced the launch of the Baroda Tiranga Plus Deposit Scheme, offering high interest rates of up to 7.50%. for 399 days from 1st November 2022, at 0.50% p.a.

Is Bank of Baroda a Government Bank?

Bank of Baroda (BOB), established on July 20, 1908, is an Indian state-owned banking and financial services institution headquartered in Vadodara (formerly known as Baroda) in Gujarat, India.

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Disclaimer – Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme

With this article we have provided complete information about your beneficial Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme in Gujarati. Which can be beneficial for you. We hope you liked the article written by us, please share this article on social media so that people who need loans can be helped. Friends, if you still have any question related to Baroda Tiranga Deposit Scheme in Gujarati, you can ask by commenting in the below comment box and friends, if you found the information through this post good and useful, then share it with your friends and friends. Thank you all so much for taking your precious time to read this post…



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