How to make Facebook private and remove your account from search engines

As of 2022’s first quarter, Facebook was the most-used online social network worldwide, boasting approximately 2.93 billion users around the globe, according to Statista. Facebook is even the top platform which American users spent the most time per day in 2021.


The social media site has become a hub for users to connect with family, friends and colleagues. However, with that many users on the platform, it could be easy for just about anyone to find your account. If you want to secure your account, here is how to make yourself as private as possible on Facebook.

How to make Facebook private.

  • Public: “Anyone on or off Facebook.”
  • Friends: “Your friends on Facebook.”
  • Friends except: “Don’t show to some friends.”
  • Specific friends: “Only show to some friends.”
  • Only me

There are several options for privacy and who can view your Facebook profile and posts, including:

If you want to change your privacy settings on Facebook, on a desktop select your account icon, and go to the option “Settings & privacy.” Select “Settings,” then “Privacy.”

From there, you can chose what of your content is visible to whom. You can switch your activity for who can see your future posts, who can see the people, pages and lists you follow and who can see your friends lists, among other options.

To change the privacy settings, select “Edit” to the right of the option, and choose the privacy option in the drop-menu of who can view.


How do I remove my Facebook from search engines?

To stop your Facebook account from surfacing on search engines (such as Google or Yahoo) outside of Facebook, go into your “Settings & privacy” on a desktop and select “Settings” then “Privacy.”

Look to the subsection, “How individuals can find and reach you.” Go to the choice, “Do you believe that web crawlers beyond Facebook should connection to your profile” and select “Alter.”Assuming this choice is left on, “web crawlers might connection to your profile in their outcomes,” says Facebook. On the off chance that this setting is off, web indexes will quit connecting your record. Nonetheless, your profile can in any case be found through Facebook search.Deselect the crate close to “Permit web crawlers beyond Facebook to connection to your profile” to affirm your profile expulsion from web indexes.

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